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11 years of experience Bitcoin halving grows in the area of cryptocurrency

Almost everyone is clear that when talking about Bitcoin, he refers to a completely digital currency that is managed through a network that, in one way or another, can be said, which is manipulated by many people and which also allows a new form of payment.

This digital currency is so autonomous that it is ensured that it is powered by its users without having a single authority, a president, or some kind of intermediaries. The comments of the various users say that Bitcoin is compared to money for the Internet.
And this process is part of that bitcoin halving, necessary every year to establish the parameters or follow the protocol, continue with mining, and that this mining continues to benefit the system and everything that leads to Bitcoin Halving 2020.
As for the creators of the digital currency, two characters are read, one in 1998 when Wei Dai, for the first time, refers to “cypherpunks,” referring to the “cryptocurrency” as an automatic process and without the need for authorities. That governs the system.
Sometime later, according to the history of Bitcoin, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, where in one way or another, the basis of the Bitcoin protocol was raised; however, the character would have abandoned the project the following year without disclosing a lot about his life.
For about eleven years, this process of Bitcoin has been talked about. Currently,, there are many questions regarding the topic of bitcoin halving 2020 and the following years, as a great investment opportunity despite the financial crises expected at the level world.
During these 11 years, it is not a secret that the community dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency has grown exponentially, and this world now has numerous miners who are dedicated to BTC, while many others now continue to generate new steps and work on the Bitcoin protocol.
In a complex world, bitcoin halving stands out from the traditional to offer the riskiest a whole panorama of opportunities.

April 15, 2020